November 8, 2018

This Primary Health Centre in Rajnandgaon is more popular than private hospitals

There is a Primary Health Center (PHC) in Rajnandgaon district, where wards have AC facilities. Pregnant women are fed cashew nuts and almonds. The health center has all the facilities in the building. Given the facilities, this hospital has become the first choice of women. That's why the delivery goal has doubled. The number of patients coming from nearby villages has also increased. Initially, on average there were 10 patients in OPD. Now this number has increased to about 40.

Entering the PHC of Murmunda , one can see a clean environment. The beauty of the building surrounded by the boundary wall is worth noticing. To top it all, the atmosphere here is amazing and makes the patients coming from nearby villages feel better. Therefore, there has been an increase in the number of IPD and OPD patients. Earlier, ten patients used to come in a day to get treatment, but now there are at least 40 patients coming during day time. Due to its cleanliness and beauty, the hospital was also given state level rejuvenation award last year. The biggest feature is that the wards here are air conditioned. The biggest benefit of this health center is availed by pregnant women. By looking at the clean wards and beds, women of 14 panchayats of Murmunda cluster keep this health center in priority. The staff nurse Divya Khobraghede informed that pregnant women are given dry fruits like cashew nuts, almonds, etc. to eat. Apart from this, newborn babies are provided with special care. Mosquito nets are provided too. Baby kits are given to the parents. This includes pamper-diapers and so on. Due to these facilities, institutional childbirth has also increased.

The patients are happy with the hospital’s environment. The staff is also working enthusiastically. Dr. Limesh Joshi, in-charge of Murmunda PHC, says that along with infrastructure there are other facilities for diagnosis, using which, the patients get complete treatment. The doctors give their hundred percent. Divya says that she lives there itself and serves the patients. They like to work there while living there too. In this way Murmunda's hospital has taken better shape under the Rurban Mission. Under the Rurban Mission, the picture of 14 panchayats of Murmunda cluster is changing. So far, out of the 248 projects sanctioned for various sectors like health, education, agriculture etc., 185 have been completed. Out of the 12,89,00,000 crore rupees allotted for the fulfillment of these projects, work worth 7,76,00,000 crore has been completed. Better work has been done on waste management. 70 percent of the people of these villages have been trained in skill development.

Similarly, the road is being improved. Street lights and high masts have also been installed. This is giving light to the rural villages. Villagers are happy with the development of the village and they are taking full advantage of the schemes of the Central and State Government. Villagers say that if the facilities continued to increase in similar fashion, then soon their village will become equivalent of the cities.

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