September 17, 2018

Chhattisgarh's Kabirdham district leads the way with infrastructure connectivity

It is evident that paved roads and bridges have brought a significant contribution to the development of the country, state, and district.

In last 15 years, Kabirdham district has witnessed the construction of 6,743 kms of paved road that connects villages with district headquarters. Paved roads have also opened several prospects for tourism to flourish in this state. In the context of providing better communication and connectivity to village people, 30 high standard bridges have been constructed in Kabirdham district. A bridge is constructed over a barren river in Usarwahi-Pandariya-Damoh marg, which has played a vital role in connecting Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

With this bridge, Chhattisgarh has established contact with 25 Gram Panchayat. The same way a bridge has been constructed over Agar River of kukaddar marg, with this bridge 16-gram panchayats are not connected with the main streams of district head office. Another bridge is made on Fonk River of parthara-parthari Aamaghat that connect 20-gram panchayats to the city.

Bakela - Parshvanath-kankaalin marg, which is famous for its archeology and tourism, is also benefitted with a high-class bridge. This bridge has increased communication and contact of localities of a forest-based area of Ratna grabha daldali to the main city. High-quality bridges are being constructed on main Phoonk River, Hop River, and Agra River.

In the last few years with the increase of roads and bridges, contact and communication have also increased. The task of constructing road is also being carried in the valley area. With the motive of connecting even the most remote villages, towns and valleys to the mainstream, lots of bridges and roads are in a process of completion. These newly constructed roads and bridges have changed the face of villages, now they are all connected with the mainstream. Prospects of tourism, education, and healthcare facilities are now open for villagers. In addition to all work is also being carried in the direction of making national highways better.

After getting recognized as an individual state, Kabirdham district of Chhattisgarh has accomplished the mission of development with a revolutionary increase in facilities related to telecommunication, electricity, roads, and bridges. During these 15 years, 6743 Km paved road has been constructed in rural areas. 15 years before the facts say, roads were only 854.83 km. The lane width of national highways is also increased. National highway of the district is increased to 111.9 Km from 77.9 km.

Similar ways state roads also increased from 126.9 Km to 404 Km, everything is happening within the delegated time frame and also with quality. We should appreciate the fact that state government is diligently completing approved tasks related to the development of roads.

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