September 6, 2018

Victory rings loud when trainees appreciate their teacher's efforts in Kawardha

What wonders can teamwork and a right guidance do– this can be understood well with the attempts of the police department of Kawardha, Chhattisgarh. Under the guidance of SP Lal Umend Singh and following the training of Master Trainer Wasim Qureshi, about 1500 young girls and boys have been given training for free, so that they can shine ahead in the path of their careers. The district police force hires about 125 people for which, the police department decided to start giving free training to the unemployed youth of the locality. This thought has led to the widespread joy in people, who are coming from places as remote as Vananchal to get trained by Master Wasim Qureshi. Qureshi has represented India in Malaysia and also brought home medal from the tournament in athletics. It is with his ardent efforts that a new hope has rekindled in the unemployed youth who believe that they can also be well-employed by putting in maximum dedication and efforts.

Sonia Rajput, a trainee under this programme, says that she never realized her potential before she started her training here. The efforts of SP sir and Qureshi sir has also been appreciated by everyone as they are the reason why this whole organization is running. She says, "When a student succeeds, it's not only the success of one person. It is the success of the teacher who has made this student." Sonia also says that one of the biggest confusion which the students of her age face, is that they have ample resources to study from. It's just that they don't know which book to refer to and which not. She adds it to the credit of Qureshi because it is for him only that these young girls and boys have learned how to study, how to take competitive examinations and how to prepare for the tests.

Another happy trainee under Qureshi, Ratna Suryavanshi says that she constantly failed in making a position for herself in all sectors. It is here that she has finally realized the true spirit in her soul.

Kailash Kumar Yadav learned about this programme and free training from one of his friends and now, travels 15 kilometers with his enthusiasm to learn more and more things and finally get into the government sector of army, navy, air force, SSC, etc. He says, "I never knew what to do and how to proceed with my training, but it is only because of Qureshi sir that I have been selected for a job, with my written examination efficiency and physical fitness."

All the trainees here are made to drill daily so that their physical strength is maintained and they can easily crack the physical strength part of the police and army examinations. They are also prepared for the written examinations, and all of this for free. This unique attempt from a small town in the country has set an example that we can make an employed India, by simply helping one another with whatever we're good at.

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