September 6, 2018

To Vananchal's difficult areas, healthcare now comes on two wheels

Bike Ambulances have started operating in the distant lands of Vananchal in Chattisgarh, from the month of June. This service has begun in the areas of Kukdur, Daldali and Borakhaar for easy and fast commute from the patient to the doctor or the hospital. The bike ambulance was inaugurated by the Chief Minister, Dr. Raman Singh, on a political drive, in the presence of Abhishek Singh, respected member of the Parliament.

This service of bike ambulance has been initiated with an aim to provide transport facilities even in those areas where it was quite difficult for the four wheelers to go. In a few months of its operation, the bike ambulance has also gained quite a few achievements. It has successfully helped in taking 12 pregnant women for delivery, 22 pregnant women for check-up and also assisted 5 children, alongside carrying one critical case to the hospital in the Daldali region. This is just the statistics for the month of August.

Similarly, in Kukdur, the bike ambulance has taken 16 pregnant women for delivery and 5 pregnant women for check-up. The same count goes to 8 and 5 in Borakhaar. It also assisted 2 kids and 1 critical case in Kukdur, while tending to 5 kids and 1 critical case in Borakhaar.

Such astounding numbers and that too in only a month, have added to the popularity of these bike ambulances. They can easily travel to far distances and get in the remotely inaccessible areas. Every person in the locality has also been provided with the contact numbers of the bike ambulances so that they can directly call them up and ask for assistance.

The medical authorities are also elated by the help they are getting from the bike ambulances and say that huge steps are being taken to provide proper medical help to every individual and this initiative is also an addition to the queue of progressive movements. The biggest benefit of the bike ambulances is for the pregnant women and other emergency cases who had to wait for the ambulances in a sensitive condition and failed to get timely service.

The health division of the ministry has been strictly instructed to maintain the bike ambulances so that they stay constant in their operation. These bike ambulances regularly check with the Aanganwadi, hospitals and other medical centres and provide their help, as and when required.

At present, there are 3 bike ambulances operating in the whole area and making the lives of the people living here, a little easier. This attempt by the government has surely contributed to easy medical accessibility for the local people and laid the foundation of a greater good which may, henceforth, follow.

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