November 6, 2018

This government school is developing like a center of excellence

This school is like a wonderful dream for Lakshmi, who took admission in Padumlal Punnalal Bakshi Model School after studying in a primary school in Kaurinbhatha up to fifth standard. Beautifully decorated walls, beautiful desks for books, huge court to play and study using the projector screen, a big an amphitheater for drama are some of the facilities here. Every child studying here is full of curiosity and studies have become an interesting activity for them.

New methods of learning have also been included in the beautiful infrastructure of this school. From the point of view of teaching, this school is literally a model school and has the capability to compete at an equal level with city's best English medium schools. In order to develop a school in the form of Cent of Excellence, Collector of Rajnandangaon, Bhim Singh selected Padumlal Punnalal Bakshi School. Mr. Singh specially included sports and artistic activities for the overall development of the students.

Why was Padumlalal Bakshi School selected? An institute is being constructed right in front of the school where guidance on career and coaching for studies after 12th standard will be given. Bakshi is a girl's school and there are about 400 girls studying here. Providing state-of-the-art facilities in this school will help in generating a bright future for a large number of girls.

With the help of software special focus is being made for teaching English and Mathematics better. In the Virtual Education Class, a software will take a test on English-related skills. As per the level of children as evaluated from the test, they start their further studies in English. UNICEF Consultant Shikha Rana said that English is also considered as a skill in today's competitive time. The best thing about this software is that it evaluates the level of English knowledge and starts its classes from there.

There is also plenty of space for sports in the school premises. Badminton, volleyball and basketball courts have been prepared. As a result, along with studies, the girls will also be made aware of the physical fitness.

The amphitheater shall enhance creativity. Along with studies, art pays an important contribution in the development of children's personality. The amphitheater has been built here to enhance the girls’ creativity. Guest teachers shall be appointed in order to refine the hidden talent of children.

Inspection and supervision of the prestigious schools were done by the Education Department officials. They took inspiration from the best things about those schools, and included it in the model school. They studied about the technical aides of education along with the school related infrastructure. Apart from this, information about their activities in the field of sports and art was also gathered and all these things were taken care of while constructing the model school.

Sanitary napkin vending machine has also been installed in the school to facilitate girl students.

The school has become a place where students will get all round development and will be able to pursue a great future.

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