September 17, 2018

Scanty Rainfall is no more a worry for Bemetara Farmers, thanks to Saur Sujala Yojana

Solar pumps are one of the most revolutionary inventions in the interest of farmers and the environment. Farmers now need not depend upon rainfall, or availability of electricity for irrigation. The best part is the cost factor; these panels driven by solar energy are capable to serve the requirements at low cost. Solar pumps installed under “Saur Sujala Yojna” are proving to be a boon to farmers in existing environmental conditions.

Till the time 236 solar pumps have been installed in the fields, out of which 120 were installed in the year 2017-18 itself. The government and many other non-profit organizations have been thinking in direction. Such initiatives have already made their place in different parts of the country.

The story of Mr. Tijau Raam Sahu from village Sankara of Berala developmental block testimonies the benefits received from this great initiative. Mr. Sahu says, he has got 3 HP solar pumps installed in his field on the expenditure of just 15, 000 rs under the scheme of "Saur Sujala Yojana". After getting the pump installed, he had grown a crop of Gram on 2 acres of land, and his production was 11 quintals, costing around 48,400 rs approximately. At present, he has grown rice crop and also expecting a good yield. Likewise, other farmers, he has also become independent for irrigation. He believes that this scheme is no less than a boon for farmers like him and a great step towards the prosperity of farmers. Here are the few details need to share in the interest of target audience.

In the year 2017-18, the district has got the target of installing 50 pumps in total. Till the time total 39 applications have been received and 30 applications that fall within given criteria have been finalized by the government. Very soon the process of installing pumps will start. Interested farmers are requested to submit applications as soon as possible.

Here are the details of processing fees:

Solar pumps of 2 H.P. capacity- SC/ ST category applicants need to pay just Rs.5 thousand, OBS category needs to pay Rs.9000 and general category needs to pay a sum of Rs.16000 only.

The solar pump of 3 H.P capacity- Rs.7000 for SC/ST category, OBC category needs to pay Rs.12000 and general category Rs.18000.

Solar pump of 5 H.P capacity- SC/ ST category needs to pay Rs 10000, OBC category needs to pay Rs.15000, and general category Rs.20000.

Submersible pump (for tube well) 1800 rs for 2 H.P tube well, 3 H.P tube well for rs 2700 rs, 5 H.P tube well for Rs.4800 .

Surface pump (for rivers and cannels) - 1800rs for 2 H.P, Rs.2700 for 3 H.P, Rs.4800 for 5 H.P  

The government is aiming a maximum coverage for needy farmers.

For more information on above products, please visit or contact your nearest Agricultural Department or KREDA office of your District.

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