September 13, 2018

“Saraswati Cycle Yojana” has become instrumental in protecting the rights of education for young girls.

This is the story of 3 village girls named Ashwari Patel, Nisha Armo and Neetu Neti, belonging to a poor family in a village Donganala of Pali development block in Korba.  They were on the verge of leaving their studies after middle classes because high school was around six Km far off from the village. The village school was till middle classes only. Keeping the safety aspect in mind, it has become a challenge for the parents to allow girls to continue their education.  

Three friends were so fond of each other, played together, studied together and shared a very good rapport with each other. Young girls feared that very soon they need to stay at home leaving the studies in the middle and would not even be able to meet each other and share the happiness and worries thereafter.

But "Saraswati Cycle Yojana" turned out to be their savior. Government is providing the free bicycle to girl students in High school under the scheme of "Saraswati Cycle Yojana" as an initiative to promote education for girl students. Bicycle has turned out as a boon to the girls, which not only helps them to continue their studies but also served as a big help in doing daily chores related to house and market.

Girls were very happy with the news of free bicycle distribution.  Immediately they took admission in high school 6 KM far from the village in consent with their parents. In some days all 3 got the bicycles. Girls and their families are grateful to the government on this initiative. Today Ashwari Patel, Nisha Armo and Neetu Neti are studying in 11th standard and they are confident that one day they will complete their education and stand on their feet. The three besties are together since childhood and know each other very well.  They enjoy attending the school and riding bicycle 12 km daily doesn’t bother them ever. In fact, they enjoy each other’s company and distance seems shorter to them.

They are very happy and grateful to the government for this initiative.  This wonderful initiative from the government in form of “Saraswati Cycle Yojana” is enlightening the lives of many young girls by protecting their primary right to education. Knowledge is the biggest power and education is the need of the moment.  We also congratulate the government for understanding these kinds of basic challenges and helping students to overcome these challenges by equipping them with necessary resources.

This has been one of the best initiatives by the government in the direction of empowering girl child and giving them wings to soar high. We wish all the best to the girl students of Donganala village of district Korba in Chhattisgarh, "please continue to be benefitted with best educational facilities and let no stone come in your way of success. Make the nation proud of your accomplishments."

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