November 8, 2018

Sanwarta Bachpan Campaign is ensuring All Round Development of children in Chhattisgarh

Shyam Kumari Ramteke is working day and night to make the 'Sanwarta Bachpan’ campaign a success in the Acholi sector of Rajnandgaon district. She is the supervisor of all Anganwadi centers of this sector. 'Sanwarta Bachpan' campaign has been started for the all-round development of children and a major objective of this is to free the children from malnutrition in Rajnandgaon.

District collector Bhim Singh himself is leading this campaign and under his supervision, the officers, employees, Sarpanch of villages, Anganwadi workers etc. are also working in order to make the district malnutrition free, along with the development of every child for multifaceted development. Shyam Kumari visits all the Anganwadi centers from time to time and takes a lowdown of the situation of women and children in the villages from the Anganwadi workers. She herself meets women in different houses of the villages and tries her best to help them. The district collector has instructed them that all Anganwadi centers falling in their areas should be developed as centers of all-around development of children. She keeps a tab on the number of people, especially women and children, the Anganwadi workers in her sector meet every day through home visits.

During these visits, they also learn how many women are pregnant and how many children are malnutrition. When they come across a pregnant woman, Anganwadi workers give them information about the precautions, care, food and drinks that they should be maintaining till the baby’s delivery is done. They also ensure that pregnant women have regular health check-ups. If there are any signs of malnutrition in any of the families, then the Anganwadi activists take them to the hospital immediately. After completing the child's treatment and taking the doctor's advice, and returning the child to their home, they ensure that they are getting the right diet and medicines at the right time. Vaccination of children is also done, according to their needs. All children of the village are given nutritious food in Anganwadi centers.

Not only in Rajnandgaon district but in all the Anganwadi centers of Chhattisgarh, efforts are being made to develop versatile development of children from zero to 06 years of age. Under the Sanwarta Bachpan Campaign, Anganwadi centres have been decorated to make them look more beautiful; comfortable seating for mothers and children have been arranged; facilities for recreational and sports activities have been set up. Good education has also been ensured. Special training has been given to Anganwadi workers, nutritionists, Sarpanchs and other concerned officers/ employees in order to make the Sanwarta Bhachpan Abhiyan fully successful. A number of facilities have also been provided for mothers in all Anganwadi centers.

Special resource material have also been prepared for proper guidance of the children and mothers, in which a 52-week schedule for providing early childhood care and education, 360 activities according to the age of children, Activity Treasury, Activity Handbook and Assessment Booklet are included. Looking at how the childhood is shining in these Anganwadi centers, it seems that the future of the country along with these children is bright.

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