October 9, 2018

Livelihood college has given wings to Eva Toppo's dreams

When Eva Toppo talks about her dreams and aspirations, one can see her eyes gleaming with hope for the future. She is eloquent and beaming with confidence. Eva is undergoing training as a showroom hostess in the Livelihood College of Jashpur town. Eva comes from a remote village 50 kms away from Jashpur. Her father is a farmer and there are seven members in the family.

After completing her graduation she remained idle for a few months and then she took up a job at a PAN card centre at Kunkuri in Jashpur district.“I was working there when someone told me about the course here in Jashpur town. He told me that if I do this course I will be able to get a job as showroom hostess which will have better prospects. So I came here.” Eva says.

Eva has been undergoing training as a showroom hostess at the livelihood college for several months now. It is a residential college and all the study materials are provided free of cost by the college authorities. The course teaches the students how to become an efficient showroom hostess and how to deal with clients. They are imparted people skills and eloquence.

The course has brought about many positive changes in her personality. “Earlier I was very shy and could not talk to strangers. Speaking in public was very difficult for me. After doing this course I have learnt the art of speaking in public. I learnt how to deal will people and how to manage different situations. It would not have been possible without this course. I can go to anywhere and talk to anyone.” She says.

Eva is confident that she will get a job after finishing the course because she has seen others getting benefitted from it. She believes she can contribute to the family in a significant way by getting a job as a showroom hostess. “I want to be independent. There is no one in my family who has done a job earlier. I am the first who is doing it. The showroom hostess job will also help me support the education of my brothers and sisters. I want them to get better education and get settled in life. I want to make sure that they do not face any difficulty in life.” She says.

Like Eva, many young girls and boys are getting livelihood training in the Livelihood College of Jashpur. Various courses are being offered to them on different trades and these young boys and girls are pursuing their dreams with enthusiasm and passion.

“We identify areas where there is employment or livelihood opportunities and impart training to the youths accordingly. We started the course of showroom hostess after identifying the potentials and so far there have been 100% placements.” Says Prakash Yadav, Assistant Director, District Skill Development Authority, Jashpur. The showroom hostess course is providing a whole new world of opportunities for young men and women like Eva Toppo who have a lot of dreams about their future.

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