September 18, 2018

Kabirdham district on verge of winning the battle against Malnutrition

Children are the future of the nation, so it is very important to secure our future from all evils. With the collective efforts of our Anganwadi workers and Healthcare workers during the last 15 years, the state has been able to record a reduction of 19 percent in malnutrition in children. In total 1517 Anganwadi, 116 mini Anganwadi and healthcare centers are supporting this campaign against malnutrition in children. Apart from this, hundreds of health workers, 145 Sub-health centers, 25 Primary health centers and 5 community health centers have also joined the campaign in full swing.

Anganwadi is providing fresh cooked nutritious food to children, young mothers, and pregnant women. Under “Mehtari scheme” 4389 mothers are getting benefitted at present. This Scheme is about providing nutritious cooked food to pregnant women, 6 days a week. Another good scheme is the Chief Minister’s "Amrit Yojana", which aims to provide milk to the children in Anganwadi centers. Healthcare centres are running immunization programs, educating people about the safety of newborn and new mother etc. Apart from this distribution of "folic acid tablets" to mothers and pregnant women to overcome the iron deficiency in the body is also being done. With the help of the education department, many policies are being executed for the health benefits of teenage girls.

Nutritious food is reaching to 4165 children of Anganwadi, under "Navaajatan Yojana". “Baal Sandarbh Yojana” is helping 7192 children suffering from Malnutrition and other difficulties. The state government is working towards betterment and treating health disorders in children under "Baal Hriday Yojana". Till the time 48 children have been treated successfully. Nowadays, many schemes have been introduced in the district by the government to strengthen the existing health care system in the interest of providing better healthcare services to mass.

One such initiative was to open a 50 bedded, mother-child hospital in the headquarters of “Pandariya” developmental block. This hospital was inaugurated by honorable chief minister Dr. Raman Singh. Families of "Baiga Tribes" residing in the remote villages of “Pandariya” will be benefitted by this mother-child hospital.

Because of the awareness that has been created in the area of better healthcare facilities, State is experiencing better results. Efforts have been made to join all small links to the mainstream of campaign. At the village level, health workers, literacy volunteers and Village chiefs play an important role in making the village Malnutrition free. Women and Child development council are also contributing to making and executing various policies to reduce infant mortality rate. The main reason behind infant mortality rate is said to be malnutrition in mother and newborn baby.

Some of the highlights of the campaign are "Sanjeevani Yojana", "Operation Muskaan Yojana", "Ready to Eat, nutritious food Yojana", "Mathari Express Yojana", and “Chiraayu Yojana". With these schemes, children and women are getting benefitted. The rate of deliveries being conducted in Healthcare centers have also increased to 96 % from 20 %. Women and children are encouraged to visit healthcare centers for regular checkups so that they can get appropriate assistance and aid to maintain good health. Government is also increasing the numbers of healthcare center to facilitate good health in the rural and tribal areas of the state.

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