August 30, 2018

In a first, a women's self-help group will manage a milk parlour in Chhattisgarh's Surajpur district

Dayawanti Singh of Silphili in the Surajpur district of Chhattisgarh leads an eleven member group of highly determined and motivated women. She is the president of a Self Help Group known as the Saraswati Ajivika Swayam Sahyta Samuh. All these women are very excited about a new responsibility they are going to shoulder in the coming days.

“We are excited about the role we are going to play here.” Says Daywanti. She and her fellow members of the SHG are going to manage a milk parlour, the first of its kind in Chhattisgarh. It is indeed a significant responsibility handed over to these women.

Pilkha Ksheer is a milk brand that is being set up in Chhattisgarh in order to help milk producers sustain their livelihood as well as to give Chhattisgarh a milk brand of its own. At the Pilkha Ksheer milk processing unit at Silphili, a milk parlour is also being set up with a number of objectives in mind. While this milk parlour will serve the purpose of popularising the new brand, it also has the potential to become a highly popular hangout place. Thus this parlour will play a very significant role in this initiative. Also the parlour happens to be situated on a very important road connecting Surajpur and Ambikapur and has very rich potentials. Sensing the profitability of the facility, a lot of private players showed interest in running this parlour on behalf of the administration. However, the focus of the authorities was not only to create a successful milk brand out of Chhattisgarh but also to ensure community participation and upliftment of women through this project. This thought was also influenced by the fact that in all the co-operative movements throughout India, women have always been playing a very significant role. Therefore it was decided that a Self Help Group formed by local women would be given the opportunity to run the parlour. Among all the applicants the Saraswati Ajivika Swyam Sahayta Samuh was found to be eligible to shoulder this responsibility.

Dayawanti and her fellow members understand the importance of the role they are going to play in the success story of Pilkha Ksheer. They are also very much aware that they are going to play a very significant role in uplifting the state of Chhattisgarh. They can be seen at the parlour compound brainstorming on various aspects of managing the parlour efficiently. They can be seen planning about how they will ensure quality services at the place so that it becomes a popular hangout destination.

“Maintaining cleanliness and good services will be our priority. Success of this initiative is important for us as it will also help us financially.” Says Ram Kumari Singh, the secretary of Saraswati Ajivika Swayam Sahayta Samuh.  

“The money that we will earn will be useful for better education of our children. We will also invest one significant part of our profits in the parlour so that the success story goes on.” Says Dayawanti.

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