September 18, 2018

Health Camps in every village is leading towards a ‘Healthy Kabirdham’

In an effort to improve access to health care services for the people of District Kabirdham in Chattisgarh, District authorities have sanctioned health camps to be conducted in each village at the sub-center level, with a minimum of one camp being set up every fortnight. These camps are run by a team consisting of the local Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) In-charge and other paramedical staff. The Rural Medical Assistants (RMAs) of every PHC work closely with the Medical Officer, in consultation with the Block Medical Officer, to facilitate these camps. Every PHC In-charge is required to conduct these camps in every village under their respective PHC and Sub Health Centre (SHC), especially in often hard-to-reach areas which are populated by those people categorized by the Government of India as ‘Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups’ (PVTGs). This move aims to ensure that no one is excluded from receiving quality health care support because of their geographical location being inaccessible for some reason or the other.

Each health camp is equipped with the necessary screening equipment and is scheduled according to a plan prepared by the District Programme Management Unit under the orders of the Chief Medical & Health Officer to coincide with the community-hosted weekly markets known as ‘Hawat Bazaars’, so that the maximum number of people can be reached.

The health camp involves examination of the patient by the Medical Officer or the Assistant Medical Officer followed by the recording of details such as the nature of complaint(s) and their duration, the general clinical examination, any further investigation and the category of the disease along with the specific drugs prescribed for the same, in the Registration-cum-Prescription Card and the Medical Screening Form. Patients treated as out-patients would be issued medicines prescribed by the Screening doctor. Those patients who are referred to a specialist would be examined and their details would be mentioned in a Health Referral Card with specifications regarding when they should report to the District Hospital for following up on the check-up/treatment prescribed. Those who are not referred to any specialist would be provided with medicines as per the Medical Officer’s prescription.

Apart from bringing quality health care in terms of examination, prescription and distribution of medicines to treat common diseases and referrals for treatments and/or surgeries to the doorsteps of Kabirdham’s people, these health camps are also intended to identify beneficiaries for different health care schemes such as the National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB), National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP), Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan (PMSMA) etc. The data collected in these health camps would also factor majorly in introducing various healthcare schemes at the village level since they open up the screening process to each and every village of the taluka. What is significant about these health camps is also that they provide basic awareness that would go a long way towards informing and supporting the health care needs of the villagers of District Kabirdham.

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