November 5, 2018

For girls like Kanchanmala, the Livelihood College is a gateway to self-reliance

Kanchanmala Dutta of Jashpur comes from a simple family consisting of seven people. Her father is a farmer and mother is in a government job. The family consists of four children, parents and a grandmother. After completing B.Com first year, Kanchanmala got decided to take up a professional course at Livelihood College. She had known about the college and the professional courses offered there. She knew that the courses at Livelihood College are designed in a way to help students get jobs in particular industries.

“I knew about Livelihood College for a long time and wanted to join but I could not do it because of regular studies. Later my mother also told me to join the Livelihood College and I came here. I looked into various courses and I like the course on Beauty and Wellness the most. So I took up this course and it has been a great experience for me.” She says.

The course on Beauty & Wellness has indeed brought a significant transformation in her. “I have learnt a lot about Beauty & Wellness. We are taught about hygiene and safety in the Beauty & Wellness industry related procedures which is very important. We are also trained to communicate properly and confidently. Earlier I was not able to talk to people or in public. I would hesitate to come forward and talk to people but today I am very confident and I can talk to anybody and in public. I have also gained a lot of confidence regarding various skills in my industry.” She says.

Kanchanmala is one of the many girls who have taken up the course on Beauty & Wellness at the Livelihood College. These girls are being trained in a way so as to make them eligible for jobs at beauty parlours or to start their own parlours.

The Livelihood College is an initiative to turn Chhattisgarh into a hub of skilled manpower. Every district of the state has one Livelihood College. These colleges impart skill education to young men and women form various parts of the state. This initiative is in tune with Prime Minister Modi’s vision of turning India into a global supplier of skilled manpower. The Livelihood College, with its various courses is fulfilling that dream.

Kanchanlamal is hopeful that she will be able to get a good job after completion of the course. The College also provides placement assistance and a lot of students in various courses here have got good jobs after completing their respective courses. Kanchanmala has also seen girls from Beauty & Wellness getting good jobs and therefore her confidence level is also high. She is learning the skils of the industry sincerely and she works hard learning. She wants to be independent and also to contribute to the family. A job. Therefore, is important for her and she is eagerly waiting for that moment when she will start working like a lot of other girls. The course is her gateway to independence and self-reliance.

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