September 18, 2018

E-Rickshaw scheme has given a new direction to the lives of Handicapped and poor

Chhattisgarh government this time has planned something in the interest of handicapped people. The government has started a scheme to provide subsidy on "E Rickshaw" to thousands of poor, handicapped persons and women.

These people are living a life of agony and helplessness due to harsh circumstances of their life. This initiative will surely give some relief to poor sections of society on a longer run. People have already started taking the benefit of this scheme. This initiative is to give inspiration to the poor and handicapped persons to live a respectable life and earn their livelihood without depending on others.

There are many success stories in the district about the people who have progressed in their life after getting benefitted with this scheme.

Another story is of Mr. Tej Prakash from Bhagat Singh Azad Nagar Tifara. Earlier he was earning a sum of 200- 250 Rs. daily from his photo framing business. He later got himself registered at "Unorganized Workers State Social Security Board" and applied for E Rickshaw. After receiving E Rickshaw, Mr. Tej Prakash is earning 500 - 600 rs daily and now he is able to run his family easily. Monthly installment of 2200 Rs is also not making any huge burden on him. He is grateful to the state government for making his life easier.

Another story is of Mr. Laxman. Who stays near Bisala Taal. He was living under the poverty line. He used to do petty jobs and earning merely a sum of Rs 200-250 on daily basis. He, later on, took a loan from the bank to buy E Rickshaw at subsidized rates. He got this subsidy from the account of the ministry of labor. His life has taken a completely different turn after getting benefitted by Governments scheme of providing E Rickshaw at the easy loan and subsidized rates. Earlier he was dependent on others, now he is able to give a decent lifestyle to his family by earning daily 700-800 Rs by running E Rickshaw.

At present government is giving a grant of 50000 Rs to the person buying an "E Rickshaw" which is one-third of the total cost.

Already there is a facility in the state of easy and low-interest rates loan being provided to women and handicapped people. Records say that already 1151 crores rs loans are granted to the needy ones of the state. Our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has also taken E Rickshaw ride during his visit to Bijapur district. Boosting the morale of these people has become the need of time, and this wonderful idea is bringing a smile to many faces. We feel that Government should be congratulated for this wonderful idea and its execution.

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