September 18, 2018

'Chuppi Todo' initiative opens new frontiers of income for Self help Group women and Anganwadi workers

The low-cost sanitary napkins being produced by various local groups are now being made available at the Anganwadi.

To break from the shackles of rigid thoughts built around menstruation and periods, 'Chuppi Todo' (Break the silence) initiative has begun delivering low-cost sanitary napkins manufactured by local private companies to Anganwadi. This initiative has great significance as it is aiming to make the women aware of the mechanism of sanitary napkins and its importance in maintaining a good health. These sanitary napkins can thereby be sold at Aanganwadi by the workers here. There are various groups in Navagaanv and Deewanbhedi who are constantly producing sanitary napkins. Their cost of production comes around Rs. 18. They sell these pads for Rs. 20 to Aanganwadi and then, they are provided to the consumers at Rs. 22. To compare this rate with the market price of normal sanitary napkins, the products of the big brands are available in about Rs. 35. With such a huge difference in the selling price, 'Break the silence' initiative is bringing a great deal on the table, for both common women and the executives of Anganwadi. Collector Bheem Singh also praised this initiative and said that by the next month, all the Aanganwadi centres will have sanitary napkins, ready for sale.

Every school will now have vending machines and incinerators ... The district collector has ordered to put vending machines and incinerators in every secondary and higher secondary school. They have also decided to send a proposal to Swacch Bharat Rural and Swacch Bharat Urban to cover the expenses of installing these welfare necessities. The officials stated that under this cleanliness drive, the authorities have been able to put the vending machines in more than 600 schools. The incinerator will assist in the proper disposal of the used sanitary pads.

Every block will have its own manufacturing unit for sanitary napkins ... The district collector also said that it is the impact of this 'Break the silence' initiative that many rural women have now learnt the importance and health benefits of using sanitary napkins. Since the local pads are also available at very low cost, the number of women accepting them is also increasing.  Every block of the province will be encouraged to set up a manufacturing unit for sanitary napkins. For this, the loan shall also be sought at lower interest rates from the different programmes of NRLM and Women and Child Development Department.

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