September 6, 2018

Athlete turns trainer - Wasim Qureshi has helped over 1500 candidates appear for entrance exams

In a small town of Kawardha in Chhattisgarh, the police department has undertaken an endeavour to train the unemployed youth so that they can sit for the selection examination of the Police department. This initiative by the joint efforts of SP Lal Umesh Singh, master trainer Wasim Qureshi and 8 other prominent faces from the police and crime investigation department has been successful in providing secure placements to about 400 people.

By far, Wasim Qureshi has trained almost 1500 people and made them eligible to sit for various entrance examinations, right from army, navy and air force to sub-inspector and CAF tests. He himself is a trained athlete who has represented India in Malaysia and has also bagged a medal for himself.

Upon providing free training to the students, he says that there are so many young people wanting to do great things, but they cannot approach their dreams because of the lack of finance. As they came up with free training, he takes proud in saying that about 400 trainees have found secure jobs for themselves with this initiative. Qureshi provides a holistic development to the trainees by making them drill on the ground for 2 hours, so that their physical fitness is maintained. Then, he takes classes for the written examination and ensures that every student is well equipped with all the general knowledge questions that may come in the examination.

For the youth of Vananchal, this is the first time that they are getting exposed to the civil examination. The police department is constantly working to bring out the most meritorious ones from the region and they are also given proper residential facilities by the district magistrate. This attempt of the department is being highly praised as they are trying to bridge the gap between rural India and good, stable services.

The chief trainer and mentor, Wasim Qureshi says, "I prefer to choose those students for the training, who have a strong sports background. It is because they are already much disciplined in their lives and also physically fit. They know the value of punctuality and fitness and thus, are easy to train and mould into professionals. These are the people who get selected in the physical test at once."

There are days when the superintendent of police himself comes and interacts with the students, to intimate them with the adversities and chances of retrospection in the field of civil service. The students are also given hands-on experience by being sent to various major events where they work for the security of prominent leaders. A recent field trip had been to Barbaspur where these young trainees were praised for their strenuous monitoring of an event organized for Guru Ghasidas's birthday.

This is the first time that someone from a small town has dared to create a complete programme like this and it all boils down to the efforts of Qureshi that many youngsters have finally found their voice.

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